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Book One: Going Home

Written By Barb A. Poole

Coming Soon

Book Two: The Arrival of Ebony Rose

Book Three: The Arrival of Pippa

Book Four: Three Pugs and a Giraffe

Book Five: The Red Carpet

Book Six: Libby's Place

"Hi my name is Liberty (Libby) to all my readers, pleased to meet you"

Liberty (Libby) a beautiful fawn pug was born in a puppy mill. Libby, in poor health was sent to a pet store.

Months passed as Libby slept in the little glass case. Libby’s new Mum and Daddy were thrilled to find her and give her a forever home. Soon realizing their dear little Libby was a very sick.

Libby’s poor health makes her special as she bravely has eye surgery. Learning she is going blind, Libby with her mums help keeps a diary of her life’s journey.

Libby writes with courage and humor interacting with young readers with questions and suggestions making the world a better place for children and animals everywhere. Sharing fun, laughter and her days with you.

Libby’s Diaries are uplifting, positive, brave and full of humor. I promise reading this book will give you a light heart and a smile on your face.

The Author Behind the Books


Barbara Anne was born in England in 1945 and left England to live in Canada with her husband, Terry, in 1964. Barbara and Terry later moved to the United States of America in 1978, first spending time in California and then moving once again to Arizona where Barbara and her husband and family live today. Barbara is a recently retired Judicial Specialist employed by the Maricopa County Superior Court for many years in the service of three Superior Court Judges.

Barbara is now pursuing her passion for writing children’s books. A wife, a mother, a grandmother, Barbara enjoys gardening, and walking in the park with her pugs. Barbara feels that when you have a pet at home you can never have a bad day, and believes all pets need a chance to be loved and that they live every day for our praise and companionship.

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